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16mm Basics: Shooting and Processing

  • AgX Film Collective - Building 18, 2nd Floor 144 Moody Street Waltham, MA USA (map)

Day 1 - Saturday Feb. 16, 12pm-5pm

This two day workshop, geared toward individuals with little or no experience shooting film, will focus on 16mm production basics using Bolex H16 Reflex cameras and hand processing. We will begin by discussing different approaches for shooting, and looking at some examples. Participants will then learn how to shoot with the Bolex; how to utilize its various functions for creative effects such as slow-motion, multiple exposures, and pixilation; how to use a light meter, and the various ways to control light.

Participants will work in pairs and leave the first day with a roll of 100’ to process on Sunday.

Day 2 - Sunday Feb. 17, 12pm-5pm

This workshop will cover both the science of how images are captured on and brought out of silver-based film emulsions, as well as practical techniques for hand-processing movie film. We’ll compare commercially processed film with film processed by various methods, including the “bucket method,” the Morse tank, and the Lomo.

Participants will be taught shared darkroom procedures, mixing photochemistry from scratch and be given a hands-on course in processing a roll of 16mm B&W reversal film from the previous day.

Following processing, we will project the results and digital transfers will be made of all films!


What’s included: AgX will provide film, equipment and chemistry for this workshop.

Max number of participants: 10

Instructors: Kimberly Forero-Arnías, Matt McWilliams

Price: $100 / Members: $80