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What is AgX?

In partnership with Balagan and Handcranked Film, AgX is a newly established film collective. AgX joins a growing movement of artist-run film collectives and laboratories around the world who are uniting to share resources, equipment, camaraderie and knowledge in order to build a vibrant space that focuses on the creation and appreciation of photochemical filmmaking.

As the materials and processes of filmmaking rise in cost and well-crafted equipment is disposed of by institutions, filmmaking tools are rapidly falling into the hands of artists who are now encouraged to explore and reimagine the roles of chemist, colorist, technician, machinist… AgX members harness all of their individual skills to realize otherwise complicated or expensive undertakings, such as screenings, performances, classes, workshops, bulk ordering photochemistry and film, rescuing and repairing equipment.

Open to collaborating with a broad array of artists, students and organizations, AgX supports a unique, diverse community of filmmakers, photographers and interdisciplinary artists — both novice and experienced — who convene, create, teach, inspire and learn from one another. Our physical space provides a comfortable communal area where members engage in shooting film, processing, contact printing, optical printing, animation, editing, screenings and dialogue, as well as and endless variety of events and experiments.

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