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Projector Repair Workshop

  • AgX Film Collective - Building 18, 2nd floor 144 Moody Street Waltham, MA, 02453 United States (map)

The objective of the Projection Repair Workshop is to teach participants how portable 16mm projectors function on a mechanical level, giving them the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot and  repair projectors beyond the workshop.  

The instructor, Stuart Cody, will guide participants through the components of the projector while pointing out frequent areas of malfunction.  We will then break into pairs and look inside broken projectors to begin the process of troubleshooting and diagnosis.  If possible to fix a given projector on site, Stuart will walk individuals through the appropriate repair process.  In situations where repair requires additional parts, Stuart will make recommendations for where and how to find those parts, along with a plan for executing repair off site.  


You are encouraged to bring your own broken projector.  A form will be sent out after registration so Stuart has a sense of the range of issues (and projector models) we will be engaged with.  If you do not have a projector that needs repair but are still interested in attending, AgX can provide a sample projector for review.  

If you have any of the following tools, please bring.  AgX will also have some additional tools on hand: 

  • Swiss Army knife 
  • 3 sizes of Phillips screwdriver/3 sizes of slotted screwdriver
  • Metric Allen wrenches 
  • Flashlight


Stuart has been working on motion picture equipment since Jesus got a Bell and Howell Filmo for Christmas. He ran the projectors in his grade school classroom. And in the Navy, aboard aircraft carriers at sea. 

Out of the Navy in 1963, he joined Harvard’s Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, and spent 4 years providing support to Robert Gardner’s Visual Anthropology courses.  In 1970, he started a company dedicated to supporting the film production community across New England, and eventually employed twelve. 

In 1984 he was invited by Richard Leacock to join the MIT Media Lab, where he supported the transition from Film to Video technology and tooling. He has focused through his career on the tools of production, and has extensive experience with audio recording as well as equipment design. 


Questions about the workshop can be directed to

12 person limit.  Needs minimum of 9 participants to run. Registration Deadline:  Nov 29th, 2017

Registration fee: Members $20 Non-members: $30