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AgX at the Echo Park Film Center

  • Echo Park Film Center 1200 North Alvarado Street Los Angeles, CA, 90026 United States (map)

A curated program of film and video made by members of the AgX Film Collective at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles.

Formed in 2015, AgX is an artist-run film lab and collective of Boston-area moving image artists housed in an 1800-square-foot facility, fully equipped with a darkroom, dry lab, and screening area/exhibition space. The collective seeks to create a more sustainable ecosystem for non-commercial filmmakers – particularly those working with photochemical film –  through shared resources, equipment, knowledge, and camaraderie. AgX regularly hosts work-in-progress critiques and skill-building events for its members, in addition to public screenings and workshops that highlight the numerous, unique creative possibilities that  silver-based emulsions offer.

With a growing membership of over fifty artists, the films in this program represent only a small sampling of works created by AgX, and thus they do not encapsulate the breadth of interests and approaches of our continuously expanding group. They do, however, reflect a shared spirit of experimentation and openness to form. Many of these films were screened and further developed through our work-in-progress screenings, while some were directly processed and edited onsite at AgX.

Presented by AgX members Gen Carmel and Stefan Grabowski. Total program length: 70 minutes

Something From Nothing, Peaches Goodrich, 2016, 2:31, optical sound, 16mm
An experimental animation where both image and sound are created by scratching into 16mm film with a boxcutter. The original film content is laid waste, playing heavily and playfully with negative visual and auditory space

Portrait, Douglas Urbank, 2017, 5:15, silent, 16mm
Stream-of-consciousness handmade portrait.

Light Rhythm #1-3, Youjin Moon, 2013, 4:31, silent, 16mm
Light Rhythm is an experimental film that uses light as a means to explore the relationship between painting and the cinematic experience.

roofdeck, …, 2017, 1:00, silent, video

Walking Cycle, Wenhua Shi, 2016, 8:27, sound, video
Walking Cycle is an abstract audiovisual piece that celebrates the line, its quality, and its movements.

Astrology, Brittany Gravely, 2017, 2:45, silent, 16mm on video
An ancient artifact, an alchemical algorithm, astrological archaeology.

Te Quiero Tanto, Anto Astudillo, 2017, 6:00, sound, 16mm and Super 8 on video
A film that gently explores the tensions between ethnicity and the politics of the immigrant experience. Using 16mm and super8 film cameras, Anto moves from her childhood neighborhood in Chile to Hispanic neighborhoods in the US. In brief encounters with local people, this film is an attempt to relate to the new country of residence.

Salar, Allison Cekala, 2014, 4:06, sound, 16mm and Super 8 on video
Salar explores landscapes made of salt, both in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile and in Boston, Massachusetts. This piece was the inspiration for a later video work, Fundir, which traces Boston's road salt to one its main sources in Chile.

Ramona, Susan DeLeo, 2016, 3:53, silent, 8mm and Super 8 on video
"Ramona" is an homage to the filmmaker's late mother, a journey through 8mm home movies obsessively watched as a child and now reimagined. It is a calling on the light of memory and love.

My Earth's Eye, Paul Turano, 2016, 8:30, sound, 16mm
A portrait of a pond near my childhood home, a personal inventory of a place where I explored nature and the nature of being on the earth and of the earth. It was here that my parents taught me how to look and listen. Shot with a mix of analog film mediums and devices, through scientific and poetic lenses. This work is part of an ongoing series of autobiographical films about quotidian moments and the lyrical transformation of personal and domestic space.

Toxic Patriotism, Anulfo Baez, 2017, 3:42, silent, Super 8
A short meditation on what it means to be an American citizen in these dark times fueled by the anti-immigrant, white-nationalist rhetoric of our government. Shot at Scarborough Pond in Franklin Park, Boston and hand-processed at AgX Film Collective in Waltham.

Dos Corrientes, Kimberly Forero-Arnias, 2015, 11:35, optical sound, 16mm
Tourist eyes navigate the foreign and the intimate between swells of comfort and friction.

Exile, Robert Todd, 2017, 6:46, optical sound, 16mm
Common spaces, veiled through distances of varying sorts, living within the constraints of our fixed positions.

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