Remembering Rob Todd

We invite you to participate in sharing your thoughts and memories of Rob on a tribute page put together by Rob’s family at

In addition, Rob’s family and friends will be taking part in the "Out of the Darkness" walkon Saturday, October 27 in Boston. You can show your support by joining and/or donating to Rob's team, Lost Satellite here:

Robert Todd has been an unwavering channel for love, knowledge, and creativity among us at the AgX Film Collective, ever since we first formed in 2015, as a group of filmmakers who gathered in a living room to discuss the idea of collectivizing and developing an artist-run film lab in Boston. 

It is impossible to attribute the start of the collective to any one person, because it had more to do with a spirit that was in the air, a spirit that had been building for years. The time felt right to realize what was already present in this incredibly loving, dedicated, and inspiring community of artists working in film. But Rob really embodied this spirit. He was an engine for AgX; his presence would create momentum and energy at our meetings and screenings.

His passion was contagious, as he tirelessly made films that were both playful and reflective, marked by moments of transcendent beauty and exhibiting a profound curiosity with the world around him. In spite of this, he was markedly unpretentious and treated everyone as a peer, regardless of background or level of experience. He was enormously generous with his time and knowledge, and often went out of his way to encourage others to make art through film. Rob made a point to greet each person with a big smile and spirited hug or warm handshake. It didn’t matter how long they’d been making films, where they were screening (or not). He was interested in them as humans and wanted to know what they thought.

Rob’s loss is felt deeply at AgX and throughout his expansive circle of family and friends across the planet. He was an instrumental member of our collective, pushing us to grow as a group and inspiring us to challenge ourselves as individual artists. We hold dear Rob’s passion for making art and for engaging with others. Rob's radiant spirit, his boundless creative energy, and his electrifying commitment to community will always be a part of AgX. We want to continue to radiate even a fraction of the brilliant light he brought to the world.