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Zelfportret470 - Argentinian Women Filmmakers - Self Portraits

  • AgX Film Collective - Building 18, 2nd Floor 144 Moody Street Waltham, MA USA (map)

Zelfportret470: Self-portraits from Argentine Women

AgX presents "Zelfportret470", a curated program of 17 short self-portraits on video by Argentine women. Screening to be followed by a Skype Q&A with some of the filmmakers. FREE with a suggested $5 donation. Facebook event: 

About the program: In 1598 the Flemish artist Catharina van Hemessen painted her self-portrait, which is usually considered the first portrait of an artist, of either gender, depicted seated at an easel. 

470 years after that milestone, we gathered a selection of audiovisual self-portraits made by female artists living in Argentina, who are also members of AREA (Association of Experimental Filmmakers and Video-Artists).

The films and videos included in this screening have different approaches to self-representation, and were produced by using a variety of moving image devices. Digitized films, analogue and digital video works as well as found footage and videos captured by mobile phones are part of this selection that includes the first performative self-portrait in the history of Argentine video art.


Roles by Graciela Taquini
1988 2’51”
Opera Prima that reflects on identity, in a continuous shot interrupted by photos and videos. Voiceovers shed names and insults. With "Only you" played by "The Platters" as incidental music. Roles is the first performative self-portrait in the history of argentine video-art.

Stream of Life by Luciana Foglio
2016 8’02”
Super 8 short film, inspired by the novel “Agua Viva” by Clarice Lispector. A consciousness in search of capturing the essence of the elusive “instant-now”.

Faces by Luján Montes
2017 3:55
The face is the structured spatial organization that covers the head.

ME. YOU. ALLofUS by Fabiana Gallegos
2018 5:31
ME.YOU.ALLofUS is a multi-portrait that departs from a virtual archive of photographs uploaded by people who consider themselves to look like me, regardless of gender, provenance, race or age. This collaborative project has been exhibited in different formats and continues to expand an investigation about identity constructions and pseudo-consciences. These constructions establish power relations and generate processes of invisibilization and discrimination when in reality we are 99.9% genetically alike. What happens if we considerourselves as a “me” parting from and “all of us”?

Reality by Macarena Cordiviola
2012 1:06
Based in the phrase by Argentine writer Leónidas Lamborghini: “Reality is a looking-glass misted up” (Following the rabbit, Paradiso Ediciones, 2010)

The Lack by Ana Villanueva
2018 8:42
Is there anything even heavier, more harshly real than absence? The video reflects on memory, time and the fragility of constancy. An external act unbalances the system of these three concepts, generating an unstable image and sound that will soon reach their definitive disappearance. The image and sound are presented as powerful memory retainers. Utopian retention because the intervention of time invades everything. The Lack" is situated between its materialization and dematerialization, opening the analysis to the impossibility of reducing time and memory to a frozen image.

Blind Point by Clara Frías
2018 2:01
Essay on the impossibility of the totalitarian self-portrait.

Domestic by Gabriela Golder
2007 1:38
Women breaking dishes, excited. Women trying to generate the greater noise possible. An exquisite polyphony. To request the word, to make noise, to say “it is enough”. Fatigue, submission
and liberation. The act of breaking dishes proposes the destruction of preconceptions on the relation that can be settle down between the woman and the domestic.

Trapped by Paula Pellejero
2012 1:03
In Trapped, the thin line that splits the public and private sphere is excluded, complicated, ironically exposing the intimacy of the home. Thereby, Trapped shows us the heaviness of the
positions that social and symbolic structures assign us, on account of a place in the world.

A night like this by Leticia Obeid
2005 0:50
A night like this is a brief selfportrait singing the homonimous song by The Cure.

Siesta by Azucena Losana
2018 3:16
In the afternoon in Valparaíso, Chile, between 3 and 5, all the hills become almost immobile.

Sample Box by Paula Herrera
2016 6:13
A collection, a stew of inert beings. A voice travels into its folds, the rest remain silent.

Snails and Diamonds by Paola Michaels
2014 8:31
Three anecdotes about snails and collections are presented as data, as if it were a scientific report. Documentary and imagination compose a brief, introspective and oneiric story about
detachment, migration and love.

Untitled by Toia Bonino
2018 0:22
The video represents an alteration of one of the famous Caravaggio's paintings. Which reflection does Narciso fall in love with? What does our own reflection reveal to us?

Metria by Melisa Aller
2014 4:22
As an essential search for movement and veneration of the ballets of Oskar Schlemmer, METRIA is a movement writing. It is the start of the body as a mechanism and architecture of the movement. Body, world, uniting the heart and brain.

Retrato by Laura Focarazzo
2010 1:01
"Retrato" is a microcosm where the apparent chaos reminds us that nothing is static and we are part of a greater, more elusive whole. In this work, I try to translate my inner world into abstract images and sounds. I made "Retrato" in response to the invitation of Thomas Raukamp, a German journalist, for the section of his blog: "A 60 seconds portrait". It's a work in collaboration with the Japanese sound artist Takuya Minakawa.

Alfalfas by Mariana Lombard
2017 17:31
An essay? A self-portrait? It is just an attempt to discover how much more an absence can
define us.