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16mm Camera Basics

  • AgX Film Collective, Building 18, 2nd Floor 144 Moody Street Waltham, MA, 02453 United States (map)

Why shoot film, particularly in this age where digital cinematography has supplanted photochemical image-making as the predominant form, and cell phones capable of shooting high-definition video are nearly ubiquitous?

The value of film lies not just in its legacy as the original medium of cinema, but in its distinctness from video (as much as oil paint is distinct from acrylic), offering unique aesthetic possibilities, as well as challenging its users to think creatively within film's own constraints.

This single six-hour workshop, geared toward individuals with little or no experience shooting film, will focus on 16mm production basics using Bolex H16 Reflex cameras. We will begin by discussing what makes film unique, and looking at some examples. Participants will then learn how to shoot with the Bolex; how to utilize its various functions for creative effects such as slow-motion, stop-motion, multiple exposures, and pixilation; how to use a light meter, and the various ways to control light.

Each participant will leave the workshop having shot a single 100’ roll of black and white 16mm film, which they can either send out for processing at a commercial lab, or process themselves at our hand-processing workshop the following day (after which we’ll be able to project the results right in our space!)

Max number of participants: 12



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